Cerulean Transience... - God-Wide Void



1) The Mouth of the Void is God-Wide


Your Infinite & Eternal Void engulfed All Creation,
Your god-wide jaws were returned back at Your own flesh
in ineffable ouroboric delight.

Your image dissipated inwards and outwards
for You are both the spider and the butterfly;
ensnaring everything... assimilating Itself.

You will devour all aspects of Yourself;
Infinitely infinite forms crawl back
towards Your monolithic throne.

I have gazed into the Abyss, meditated upon Its vastness...
It enhanced my bones, invigorated my visage,
and swallowed the entirety of the Cosmos!

Swimming in an ocean of stars...
Basking on the shores of a dream bordering another world...

All is One.

The mouth of the Void is god-wide...
...the eye of the Creator is void-wide.

Eternal blessings,

P.S.: This album is also special in that it contains an isochronic tone meant to induce the theta brainwave state in the listener, the brainwave state in which one enters an ultra deep trance and psychic phenomenon is much more apparent and pronounced. The album also holds sentimental value in that it acted as the background music which accompanied my profound beatific vision/8th density experience facilitated by the ingestion of Peganum Harmala and smoked DMT.

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