Youtube (Update)

I have uploaded nearly all of my albums to Youtube; in this way, if anyone would like to preview the individual tracks of each album prior to listening you may do so by clicking on the song titles, taking you to the video for the respective song.

The fact that all of my material is available on Youtube also ensures that the material would still be available on Youtube, and not only for listening on the website itself. Use a Youtube MP3 video download program on my music videos (here is a good one) in order to obtain the audio files and compile them to be able to personally possess the album on your computer.

My Youtube channel may be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/godwidevoid

UPDATE: Essentially all of my Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores albums have been uploaded to Youtube! Now, all that's left is the Meta•Alma•Ultra material to debut there on Youtube as well.

Eternal blessings,


Meta•Alma•Ultra - Limitlessness


1) Limitlessness
2) The Power of Divine Connectivity
3) ...& Divinely Operating Through Certain Sacred Paradigms With Particular Sacramental Algorithms!
4) Indestructible Soulessence


Meta•Alma•Ultra - Realms


1) The Eye Which Perceives Infinity
2) New Style Nautilus
3) Realms
4) Realtheo
5) Vineseeeds


Meta•Alma•Ultra - In A Garden Divine


1) Simultaneously •Ki ∅Key
2) Game Gaming Character
3) Eyelid Window Ajna System
4) Wildflower Wizardry
5) Bes Go Bzzz!!!!!!!!
6) E.S.P. o°o (Orbhill Leeech In SeeD!!!)
7) Chrono Trigger Cross
8) Master Emissary From Primordial Dimensions
9) Harmala Work With Harm•ny In Harmøny
10) Agiyeh Agileh Adreh Aegis
11) In A Garden Divine
12) Existential Savior Presence


Meta•Alma•Ultra - G.Ø.D.B.O.U.N.D.



1) • Is Knowing All GØD-Bound Creatures Evolving
2) All Creatures Are Different Versions of GØD Evolving
3) Be Not A Human Knowing It Is The One Infinite Creator But The One Infinite Creator Knowing It Is A Human
4) Fuck Being Hellbound, We're All GØD-Bound!
5) G.Ø.D.B.O.U.N.D. (Grandest Void Domain Bestows Omnipresence Ultimate Nexus Divinity)


Meta•Alma•Ultra - New Game+



1) New Game +
2) Outwardly Stoic, Inwardly Smirking
3) It's Like Playing Final Fantasy... With Your Mind!
4) Brave Fencer Ruesashi
5) Cosmogenic Commando
6) Psychic Showdown...
7) Bruxo Battles
8) A Lavos Core
9) A Sorcerer (With A 'U' After The 'O')
10) Mystery Meditation
11) Theofication
12) Voidjester
13) Tetsuoesque
14) ...& I'm Like Hibari!
15) Tonberry-Eden
16) Zone of The Entheos
17) Trickster Incarnate
18) Urameshi Mode!