Meta•Alma•Ultra - Indigo Violet



1) All-Tone, I
2) Indigo Violet
3) Dances With Solace & Spirit
4) Plural Protagonism (The Free Ones)
5) The Integration & Assimilation of Divine Principles


Prior Incarnations

If anyone was wondering what the musical incarnations which preceded Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores and Meta•Alma•Ultra that became assimilated into the former were, here are the links to all of my old music project Myspace pages as well as the specific albums which the material later appeared on, these links also being posted so as to completely dispel accusations and suspicions that any of my material was stolen from these projects, given that I'm the same exact individual behind all of them:

Ivory Firmament:  the materia on the Ivory Firmament album
Acrimonious Vessel: some materia on the Heyoka II: Azure Skies &A  Psycheactive Void, Grand Akashic Key and Arcane Surrealism albums
Pagoda of the Weeping: the materia on the Meditation At The Pagoda Ruins... album
Psychonautical :{ d. }:: some materia on the Thelemic Entheogenesis album


Meta•Alma•Ultra - Iponoxala



1) Infinite Sequence System
2) Equal In Essence (Spiritual Synonymy)
3) Consciousness Debugging Mode
4) Ternate Arcana (Iponoxala)
5) Bruxo Psyborg
6) Exuteric
7) Old
8) It