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Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores is an experimental metaphysical ambient music project which is the creative embodiment of my personal interests in metaphysics, spirituality, theology, esoterica, occultism, the entheonautical utilization of entheogens, and Nature. My work is made manifest for the ultimate purpose of the pious glorification of our One Infinite Creator, as well as a means of spreading awareness-amplifying, consciousness-raising and spiritually-quickening catalyst for the benefit of all beings incarnate upon Earth and by extension all beings manifest in the entirety of existence in all regions of the Creation.

I do not seek fame, recognition or monetary gain for these works. I simply wish to share what I have helped create in an effort to spread divine blessings to all souls and facilitate positive experiences for those who chance upon and listen to my works. Thus, my entire discography is available for free download for all eternity!!!

My music is intended to be utilized for meditative work, a function which is amplified by all of the music released under Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores being retuned to the 432hz frequency, a frequency espoused to possess special healing properties. My personal experiences as well as the testimonies of others have confirmed that an underlying energetic reconfiguration takes place from prolonged exposure to this tone, with effects manifesting with the initial listen, mainly upon the subtle energetic level. Results may vary, but experiences on the high end of the spectrum displayed the capacity to cause entrance into distinct altered states of consciousness reminiscent of those brought upon by sacramental entheogenic ingestion. Do not take my word for it, however; experience It for yourself.

If you already happen to be in an altered state of consciousness, the energetically configurative effects of the music will be far more apparent, and it is recommended that my music be used as a soundtrack for your meditative, spiritual, occult, psychedelic and/or entheonautical endeavors, if the activities which fall into any/all of these categories are up your alley. If not, it is never too late to immerse Oneself into such Work...

I sincerely hope that anyone who discover these works derives extreme benefit and joy from them, and subsequently come to various insights and realizations from exposure to these manifestations. After all, these works are all dedicated to... YOU! (or more specifically, the sacred indwelling essence which generates your perceptual awareness and manifests your existential continuum in consciousness; same thing, really!)

------------------UPDATE 2016------------------

As of recent, Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores has evolved into Meta•Alma•Ultra, with the core change being reflective of my own personal spiritual metamorphosis; however the agenda which I've initially outlined at the onset of this project overall remains the same.Were I to apply a term to the new sound, mode & focus of my project's current evolutionary trajectory which is congruently reflective & resonant with & of my own personal beingness at this segment in my existential continuum experiential nexus, it would be "existentially liberated freedom".

On a more technical note, due to the passing of the energetic transitory dimensional shift in awareness interfacing & metaexistential spiritual connectivity & receptivity, the 432hz frequency imbuement, which originally served predominately to be able to catalyze the benefactorial beneficial accomodation of such a shift by all beings exposed to it, all of my music as Meta•Alma•Ultra & beyond into future endeavorings will be set with the 440hz which, contrary to mainstream belief of it exerting negative effects of mental tension, actually have produced in my direct experience following extensive perceptual awareness interfacing refinement & metaphysical energetic reconfiguration via responsible utilization of sacramental molecular technology for the express purpose of entheonautical endeavorings extremely positive psychical effects which have catalyzed the facilitation of effectuating metacosmic data downloads & extensive spiritual information. I sincerely hope that what has been brought to fruition for me by the fruits of my labors will extend in effect to positively benefit & impact all beings who become exposed to my creative works in manifestation.

Bless all Beings in Existence,

- Thiago

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